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This class offers the teaching of classical ballet focusing on the awareness of proper body placement, and the knowledge of ballet vocabulary. Gaining strength and flexibility, as well as, poise and self-confidence.

BALLET 2 & 3

Teacher Recommended


Introduces students to theatrical dancing similar to the styles of famous Broadway/Jazz choreographers including Bob Fosse, Bill T. Jones, Garth Fagan, Jerome Robbins etc...In addition, the class will reflect the styles of legendary innovators in the art of jazz dance.


A fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. Personal exploration and expression is developed and explored.


Want to learn about popping, locking, b-boying, buggaloo and tutting? Come learn the foundations of modern hip hop while enjoying classic funk tracks! This class is designed to help students become better dancers - less choreography more style and technique. Dedication to learning is a must. Students will practice their freestyle and battle while having fun and getting funky!


This class will focus on proper technique, artistry, strength and flexibility. The students will discover the all encompassing nature of jazz dancing and its close relationship to other techniques of dance.

JAZZ 2 & 3

Teacher Recommended


This class will introduce students to elements of Horton, Graham and Cunningham techniques. Modern will focus on movement from the inside out. Encouraging use of breath, energy and connection to individual expression.

This class will help you learn traditional moves of Poms. It will focus on jumps, turns, arm placements, flexibility and performance aspects.


This class focuses on a variety of Turns and Leaps that benefit all dance techniques. Stretch and Strengthening elements are included. This class is highly recommended to improve your skill level.